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Supervisor had 2 take-home cars, but denied it

Posted on 25 November 2015 by admin (0)
Mike Reicher, L.A. Daily News

Mike Reicher, L.A. Daily News

On the Los Angeles County government’s official list of employee take-home vehicles, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas looks very frugal. His assigned car, a 9-year-old Chrysler 300 Limited sedan, cost the county about half as much as the next supervisor’s. But newly released vehicle maintenance records show that Ridley-Thomas, for most of last year, actually had two cars at his disposal. He mainly drove a 2012 version of the same model, a $39,000 taxpayer-owned car, that was essentially off the books.

The documents reveal that Ridley-Thomas, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, was stretching the county’s vehicle resources more than other supervisors, and that he misrepresented his situation when challenged. Workers maintained, cleaned and fueled his two working cars for seven months, according to the records. They washed one of the sedans nearly three times a week.

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